Instant Pot Braised Pork with Tofu

Braised Pork with Tofu Gluten Free

Instant Pot Braised Pork with Tofu is indeed a tasty and modest home cooking variation of Chinese braised meat dishes. First, I seared the meat until brown in a frying pan with some oil. Then I prepared the sauce with light and dark soy sauces, Chinese rice wine, rock sugar, …

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Mapo Tofu (Grandma’s Tofu)

Mapo Tofu (Grandma's Tofu) Gluten Free

Mapo tofu or sometimes called grandma’s tofu is a famous classic dish in Sichuan cuisine. Likewise, they named it after its inventor. The creation of mapo tofu dated all the way back to 1892. Specifically, during the era of the Qing Dynasty (1616 – 1911). There was a couple with …

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Salt and Pepper Tofu

Salt and Pepper Tofu Gluten Free

For my gluten free Salt and Pepper tofu recipe, I am using firm tofu as my main ingredient. Likewise, I season the tofu with Chinese five spice powder, paprika and corn starch mixture. Then I serve this salt and pepper tofu with pickled chillies and fragrant garlic oil. Besides, I …

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Yong Tau Foo

Yong Tau Foo Gluten Free

Yong Tau Foo or stuffed tofu is a traditional Hakka Chinese cuisine from Southern China. Comprising mainly of stuffed tofu. Either with minced meat mixture made from pork, salted fish and fish paste or just fish paste only. Variation of this yong tau foo dish include using fish paste as …

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Pad Thai

Pad Thai gluten Free

The most famous classic Thai-style stir-fried rice noodles dish is no doubt the Pad Thai noodles. Served mainly as a street food in Thailand. CNN Go recorded it at number 5 as one of the World’s 50 most delicious foods in 2011. This dish is more popular in the Western …

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Malaysian Curry Laksa (King Prawns and Chicken Laksa)

Malaysian Curry Laksa (King Prawns and Chicken Laksa) Gluten Free

For my gluten free King Prawns and Chicken Laksa, I am using gluten free rice sticks. Served with king prawns, chicken and tofu puffs and garnished with fresh bean sprouts. Likewise, curry Laksa or often referred to as just laksa. My king prawns and chicken laksa recipe is not only …

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Teochew Steamed Whole Fish

Teochew Steamed Whole Fish Gluten Free

This Teochew steamed whole fish is one of the most distinguished Teochew cuisine. Likewise, an alternative style of steaming fish as opposed to the regular simple Cantonese style. Many recognise Teochew cuisine as Chaozhou cuisine. Because they created it in the Chaoshan district of eastern Guangdong province in China. Teochew …

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