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Creamy Almond Pudding

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Almond pudding, also called almond jelly, annin tofu or almond tofu, is a soft, jelly like dessert made of Chinese almonds (also called apricot kernels or apricot almonds, the mellow part within the seed of an apricot), agar-agar powder and sugar. There are two types of Chinese almonds, north almonds are smaller and bitter, while south almonds are bigger and sweet. For dessert, choose the south almonds for distinctive earthy aroma and sweetness in dessert. Chinese almonds are similarly used in savoury soups like watercress soup, herbal soups and sweet dessert soups.

Creamy Almond Puddings

Creamy Almond Pudding Gluten Free

This is also an extremely popular dessert served at many Chinese restaurants. Often served as one of the many dim sum desserts at a Chinese yum cha restaurant. The term tofu is used in this dessert is to describe the tofu like solid texture of the pudding, however the actual tofu made from soy beans is not used as an ingredient. This agar based dessert is vegan as agar is a derivative of sea weeds. Other variations of this dessert are created from dairy milk and almond flavouring extract and gelatin is used as an alternate substitute for agar. Gelatin is a transparent, colourless, fragile in dry form, tasteless food acquired from collagen taken from numerous animal by-products. For my gluten free recipe, I am using unsweetened almond milk, Chinese dried almond, agave sugar and agar-agar powder. This recipe is vegan, dairy free, soy free, corn free, egg free and refined sugar free.

Creamy Gluten Free Almond Puddings

Chinese almond, the apricot kernel, Prunus Armeniaca, originated from Armenia and are also native to Northern China. In Chinese traditional medicine, apricot kernels are used to treat respiratory problems, indigestion, high blood pressure and arthritis. Sweet apricot kernels are frequently substitute for almonds. Apricot kernels or seeds are renounced for containing amygdalin, often referred to as vitamin B17. Both amygdalin and its synthetic composite called laetrile have been promoted as an alternate cancer treatment. Other health benefits of consuming apricot kernels are: may help lower blood pressures thus reducing risks of heart diseases, pain relief from arthritis and boost immunity in the body. It is rich in dietary fiber and assist in lowering bad LDL cholesterol in the body as a result of its monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats contents. Apricot kernel oil helps promote healthy skin as well.

Gluten Free Creamy Almond Puddings

On the other hand, almond, Prunus dulcis, originated from the Middle East and South Asia. It is an excellent source of vitamin B (riboflavin), vitaminB3 (niacin) and vitamin E. It is also a rich source of minerals like calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. In addition, it is also a good source of vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B6 and folic acid/folate, choline and potassium. Almonds are also rich in dietary fiber and assist in lowering bad LDL cholesterol in the body as a result of its monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Unsweetened almond milk is an excellent substitute for dairy or soy milk for vegan and people who are lactose intolerant.

Creamy Almond Puddings GF

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6 Responses

  1. Nicole @ Yumsome
    | Reply

    I love almond pudding; I had it a few times when I was in Penang. So yummy!

    Thank you for posting a vegan recipe for it… I know what I’m going to be making soon! :-)

    • daphnegoh
      | Reply

      Almond puddings are very yummy indeed. Enjoy the recipe. :)

  2. Nayna Kanabar
    | Reply

    This pudding looks really creamy nad delicious.I have never seen Chinese almonds so I am off to google and find where I can buy them.

    • daphnegoh
      | Reply

      This is a very creamy pudding due to the combination of almond milk and Chinese dried almonds and yes, really yummy too. You can purchase Chinese dried almonds (also called dried apricot kernels) from any Asian groceries stores. :)

  3. Claire @foodiequine
    | Reply

    I’m loving the sound of this. I’ve had something which I suspect would be a similar texture in a Chinese Restaurant in the UK. It was called Mango Pudding and there was also a Coconut Pudding variation.

    • daphnegoh
      | Reply

      Almond pudding is very similar texture to mango pudding or coconut pudding variations, my recipe is creamier due to the almond milk added. They are all mostly available as dim sum desserts at a Chinese restaurants. :)

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