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Fermented Mustard Green

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Fermented Chinese mustard green (gai choy) is a very important ingredient for many tasty Chinese dishes including stir-fries, steaming, braised meat, soup and even as a side dish.  Some popular Chinese cuisines are Teochew steamed fish, braised pork belly and fermented mustard green, fish head noodles soup, pork and fermented mustard green soup and stir-fry minced pork and fermented mustard green.

Chinese Mustard Green

There are often confusions between fermented and pickled vegetables. Fermenting is the process of using filtered water, salt and spices, with no vinegar added. As a result, a derivative of lactic acid liquid is produced to help preserve the food and stimulate growth of natural probiotics, supporting a healthy digestive system. Alternatively, pickling is the way of preserving the vegetable in vinegar, spices and seasonings, enabling you to preserve the food but it does not provide the probiotic health benefits of fermentation.

Fermented Mustard Green

You can purchase fermented mustard green or pickled mustard green (hum choy) from any Asian groceries stores but they are unhealthy as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), colouring, preservatives and sometimes soy sauce (with wheat) are normally added. In addition, store bought varieties of fermented mustard green and other vegetables are the result of high-level of heat and pressure which damages essential nutritional values and do not improve health in anyway. So, I prefer to make my own healthier version of gluten free fermented mustard green or other vegetables.

Gluten Free Fermented Mustard Green

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