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Homemade Red Bean Paste

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Sweet red bean paste is a nutritious and delicious cooking ingredient used in many Chinese sweet desserts and pastries. Red bean paste or adzuki bean paste is a sweet bean paste that is dark red in colour and normally made by boiling adzuki beans and sugar with water until the beans are soft. The soft bean can be either coarsely or lightly mashed depending on preference. The resulting bean paste can be a mashed paste with some broken beans and bean pods. Alternatively it can also be processed into a very smooth paste. Red beans are widely used in many Chinese dishes like soups, porridge, added to gravy and even tea. However, the most popular way of using red bean paste is in desserts and pastries like ice cream, popsicles, waffles, dumpling (Zongzi), glutinous rice balls in ginger flavoured soup (Tang yuan), mooncake, buns (baozi), cakes, pan cakes, fried glutinous rice balls (Jian dui) and as condiments for shaved ice (ice kacang). For my gluten free recipe, I am making a smooth red bean paste flavoured with orange juice and orange zest. This recipe is also vegan, soy free, dairy free, corn free, egg free, nut free and refined sugar free. For more gluten free red bean paste recipes, refer to my lightly mashed red bean paste and my Red Bean Paste Buns recipe plus my gluten free Chinese Five Spice Doughnuts (Ham Chim Peng) recipe.  You also can find my gluten free Creamy Coconut Red Bean with Black Rice soup here.







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