How to make Hard Boiled Eggs

  • For perfect hard boiled eggs, always use at least 10 days old eggs from the day you purchase the eggs, so that they are easier to peel and would not stick to the shells.
  • Turn the eggs upside down the day before you cook the eggs in the eggs carton, to center the egg yolks.
  • Cooking the eggs in hot water and not boiling water will help eliminate the green rings around the egg yolk. Often called hard cooked eggs rather than hard boiled eggs.
  • The added salt in the water will not change the taste of the eggs, but will help loosen the egg membranes from the egg shells for easier peeling.
  • Cooling the eggs after cooking and before peeling will also help make the peeling process easier as the eggs will contract slightly from the shells.
  • Always use a sharp, thin and smooth edged knife to cut the eggs. Alternatively, unflavoured dental floss can be used as well. I prefer the knife as its harder to cut straight with a dental floss.


Hard Boiled Eggs



How to make Hard Boiled Eggs

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Servings: 6 hardboiled eggs
Author: Daphne Goh


  • 6 large eggs at least 10 days old from the day you purchase the eggs
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • Water


For cooking the eggs:

  • Place eggs in a pot large enough for all the eggs in one layer, then fill the pot with cold water, covering the eggs by 1 inch of water. Add in salt and cover with lid and bring to a full boil on high heat. Once its boiling, turn off the heat, let the eggs continue to simmer and cook in the hot water for 12 minutes (10 minutes for medium eggs, 8 minutes for soft boiled eggs).
  • Then drain the eggs, rinse once and fill the pot with cold water. Allow the eggs to cool down for 15 minutes or cool the eggs in ice water for immediate peeling.

For peeling the eggs:

  • Once the eggs have cooled down, drain and gently tap each egg on bench top until the shell is finely cracked all over and start peeling the egg under cold running water for easier peeling.

For storing the eggs:

  • If you like to store the eggs for later, keep them in an airtight container and refrigerate. Good for up to 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator.

For cleanly slicing the eggs:

  • Cut the eggs into halves with a wet, sharp, thin and smooth edged knife (no jagged edge). Clean and wet the knife after each cut to avoid sticking.


  • Alternate way of cutting the eggs is with dental floss. Use a string of flavourless dental floss, tug firmly between your fingers to form a straight line, then push down on the eggs to cut through. Clean the dental floss after each cut to avoid sticking.


Allergen: Eggs.
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