Raspberry & Coconut Bread (YesYouCan)

Flavour combination of Raspberry and Coconut Gluten Free bread Mix?! Yes, YesYouCan crafted and made this sweet bread with coconut flour, real raspberries and brown sugar. Likewise, this bread mix is Low in Sodium, Vegan, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, GMO Free. Moreover, it has No Artificial Flavours and Colours, Refined Sugar Free and Reduced Sugar (50% less sugar). To read more about YesYouCan – SalDoce Fine Foods, refer here.

Raspberry & Coconut Bread Mix (YesYouCan)
Raspberry & Coconut Bread Mix
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Raspberry and Coconut Bread Mix

This Raspberry and Coconut blend is actually my favourite flavour combo for cupcakes and cakes. To have this recipe in a gluten free bread sounds really interesting and of course delicious too! I was really looking forward to trying this bread mix as soon as I received the product. Moreover, with anticipation and curiosity, I opened up their unique packaging and unsealed the bread mix. In addition, I could smell the sweet fruity aroma of raspberry and the fresh nutty scent of coconut.

Overall, the Raspberry and Coconut bread mix is sweet-smelling and has fine texture. So simple to prepare this bread mix, merely by following the instructions clearly stated on the back of the packaging. All in all, the preparation time is only 10 minutes and baking time is 50 minutes. During the baking process, the sweet and fruity smell of raspberries and nutty coconut was really tempting. Then, I waited with great anticipation for the baking process to finish.

What you will need (per packaging)

  • 3 Eggs or Vegan Egg Replacer
  • 150ml Water (I used 150ml unsweetened rice milk)
  • 70g (2.5oz) Melted Margarine (Dairy Free) or Unsalted Butter [I used 70g (2.5oz) Melted Vegan Butter]
  • Bread Tin (10” x 4” x 4”) (250 x 100 x 99 mm)

Additional Optional Ingredients that I added

For the Bread Mix:

  • 125g (4.4oz) Raspberries
  • 1 tablespoon Desiccated Coconut


  1. Add desiccated coconut to the dry bread mix, whisk and mix well.
  2. Follow instructions on the packaging to prepare the bread batter.
  3. Pour 1 inch of bread batter into the bread tin evenly, add some raspberries randomly. Repeat the same process until you have used up all the raspberries.

For the Toppings:

  • 2 tablespoons Sunflower Seeds
  • 1 teaspoon Desiccated Coconut


  1. Sprinkle the desiccated coconut evenly on top of the bread batter.
  2. Scatter the sunflower seeds evenly on top of the bread batter and lightly press the seeds onto the batter.


A light, soft and smooth textured raspberry and coconut bread mix that is so simple to make at home. And you won’t even noticed that its gluten free. It keeps its shape after removing from the oven and stays intact when slicing and still taste good after refrigeration. Besides, we can normally find raspberry and coconut flavour only in a cake or cupcake. Now in this sweet raspberry and coconut bread mix. This amazing Reduced Sugar bread is not only gluten free but healthy. In addition, it is suitable for diabetes as its low in sugar, allergens free and so delish.

Furthermore, this raspberry and coconut bread is such a treat to serve at home for breakfast. Alternatively for morning or afternoon tea time and even as a snack. A tasty and full of flavour gluten free treat for even the fussiest kids or grown up. And no one can tell its gluten free too! Invite your family and friends over for morning or afternoon tea. Astonish them whether they are coeliacs or on restricted diets. With this amazing gourmet and gluten free raspberry and coconut bread.

The retail price of $6 is very competitive with the supermarket gluten free bread mixes. But of course the quality and taste is not comparable at all, but much healthier and tastier. Nonetheless, YesYouCan has made their Raspberry and Coconut gluten free bread mix the only Reduced Sugar bread mix sold globally. Otherwise, the most common gluten free bread mix on the supermarket shelves is Banana Bread Mix. That is available in YesYouCan Classic Mix Range.

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SalDoce Fine Foods has provided their YesYouCan Raspberry & Coconut Bread Mix from their gluten free, vegan and allergy friendly Reduced Sugar Range for me to try this product and write about my opinion.

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