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Singapore Noodles (Sing Chow Mai Fun)

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Singapore noodles or Sing Chow Mai Fun is a very popular takeout dish in Western Chinese cuisine. The origin of this dish is not quite what its name suggest, it is actually a Cantonese dish, not Singaporean and usually found at Cantonese restaurants in Western countries like Australia, Canada, United States and England, and as a popular street food (hawker food) in Hong Kong. If you try to find this dish in Singapore, you may be disappointed, it is very unusual or non-existence there. While the origin is unclear, Singapore noodles is definitely one of the many favourite takeout dishes that tastes really good. It is a stir-fried rice vermicelli noodles dish that is very easy to replicate at home and is typically seasoned with curry powder and common ingredients are meat like chicken, beef, Chinese barbeque pork, ham, Chinese sausages (Lap Cheong) or prawns with scrambles eggs or omelette and mix vegetables. For my gluten free recipe, my main ingredients are curry powder, prawns, gluten free leg ham, zucchini and carrots. This recipe is also dairy free and nut free.







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    That looks amazing! I need to give it a try. So colourful and tasty!

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