Braised Chicken and Black Fungus

Braising or stewing is a very popular cooking technique in Chinese cuisine. Often, simple braised dishes are classic home cooking one pot comfort food utilising meat like chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables. The main ingredient used for braising is often meat, slow cooked until the meat is soft and tender and have soaked up the flavour of the sauce. This … Read more

Braised Chicken and Hard Boiled Eggs with Mushrooms

Braising, also called lu wei in Mandarin, is a Chinese cooking technique used to cook protein ingredients in an aromatic sauce base. Other terms used are red cooking, red braising or red stewing. The Sauce base is usually made from soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fermented bean paste, red fermented tofu, Chinese rice wine, caramelised sugar and spices like cinnamon, … Read more

Braised Pork and Fermented Mustard Green

This is another variation of soy sauce braises (also called red-braises), it is not only one of the most customary Chinese cuisines, but also the most celebrated. My gluten free version is a gradual stew of pork spare ribs and leg pieces with soy sauce, dark/thick soy sauce (kecap manis), pale or medium dry sherry, dry small red chillies and … Read more

Braised Pork and Hard Boiled Eggs

Soy sauce braises or stews is a very popular way of cooking in Chinese cuisines in most regions of eastern, south eastern and northern China. There are many variations of braised meat dishes, some have combinations of different types of meat like pork, chicken or duck, vegetables and hard-boiled eggs. It is also a very popular dish in many parts … Read more

Braised Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms

This is a simple classic Chinese home cooking dish. The highly concentrated flavour of shiitake mushrooms is the basis of Chinese and other Asian cooking. Whenever I use shiitake mushrooms in my gluten free cooking, I will always be reminded of my mum’s cooking, she often included shiitake mushrooms in soups, stews, stir-frys and even steamed dishes. Dried shiitake mushrooms … Read more

Pork and Black Fungus Stew

This is a typical Hakka cuisine created in the south eastern parts of Chinese regions of Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and Jiangxi. The original recipe calls for deep frying of the marinated pork, normally pork belly, the addition of red fermented bean curd (often referred to as Chinese cheese) and five spice powder to the dish, then stewing like a casserole … Read more