Dragon Cookies

Chinese Dragon cookies are popular Malaysian Chinese New Year cookies that are very similar to the much loved Chinese butter cookies. These cookies are piped into S-shape using an open star piping nozzle and piping bag with 2 dots of red colouring added as eyes. The Malays in Malaysia also have their own version of this type of buttery cookies … Read more

Chinese Walnut Cookies

Chinese walnut cookies, also called Hup Toh Soh 核桃酥 in Cantonese, are an old-style favourite Chinese New Year cookies (CNY) that is crunchy, nutty with mild earthy fragrance. Cookies are often given as gifts or served to friends and family when they visit your house during CNY. And they are one of the most traditional and popular ways to celebrate … Read more

Chinese Cashew Nut Cookies

Cashew nuts cookies are yet another favourite Chinese New Year cookies that are extremely popular in Malaysia and Singapore. They are normally given as gifts and/or served at home to family and friends during their Chinese New Year visits. There are many variations of this popular cookies depending on the personal preferences of the home bakers. These buttery Cashew Nut … Read more

Chinese Peanuts Cookies

Peanuts cookies are one of the many Chinese New Year cookies and they are no doubt the most popular and traditional cookies. They are also easy to make, temptingly delicious and melt in your mouth. With Chinese New Year just less than one month away, these cookies will be one of the many festive favourites for gifts or to serve … Read more

Cacao Dahlia butter Cookies (Biskuit Semperit)

Dahlia butter cookies, also called dahlia biscuits or biskuit semperit in Malay language are delightful “melt in the mouth” cookies that are not only very easy to make but look pretty and appealing as they are shaped like Dahlia flowers. Other names commonly used are piping biscuits, cherry biscuits or dahlia biscuits. These cookies are also often referred to as … Read more

Daisy Custard Butter Cookies

These custard butter cookies are an old fashioned favourite for festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya in Malaysia. Daisy shaped cookies are one of the most customary cookies served up in the 1970s and 1980s during the festive seasons. The commercially available gluten version of these cookies are now available all year round.  There are many variations … Read more