Chinese Deep Fried Batter Prawn

Chinese Deep Fried Batter Prawn Gluten Free

Chinese Deep Fried Batter Prawn is surely one of the most popular Chinese home cooking prawn dishes. This is everyone’s favourite dish during festive seasons like Chinese New Year. Fresh extra-large or jumbo prawns are the hero and chief ingredient. Normally coated with batter and then deep fried until crisp …

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Coconut Prawns

Coconut Prawns Gluten Free

Coconut prawns is a fried prawn Thai dish. Likewise, they coat these prawns with desiccated or shredded coconut as known by the recipe name. Before they deep fry or pan fry or even bake them in the oven. Just visualize munching on juicy and succulent fried prawns coated with a …

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Chinese Five Spice Fried Prawns

One of my favourite Chinese fried prawns dishes is home cooking style Chinese Five Spice Fried Prawns. My inspiration for this Chinese Five Spice Fried Prawns dish came from the Cantonese deep fried salt and pepper prawns. Besides, my love for the Chinese five spice powder has prompted me to …

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Salt and Pepper Prawns

Salt and Pepper Prawns Gluten Free

In this gluten free Salt and Pepper Prawns recipe. I am using prawns as an alternative to the usual popular ingredient squid. Because it is simpler to cook at home. Likewise, salt and pepper prawns dish is not only easy to make. It also has a salty, spicy taste as …

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