Seafood Char Kuey Teow

Seafood Char Kuey Teow Gluten Free

Char kuey teow or fried kway teow meaning stir-fried ricecake strips, is an extremely popular hawker or street food in Malaysia. It originated in South East Asia and is also very popular in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The word “char” is adapted from Hokkien, a Chinese dialect which means “fried” …

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Seafood Fried Rice

Fried rice is the most typical and ideal traditional Chinese cuisine. Chinese fried rice is a prehistoric dish that started in Sui dynasty all the way back in 589 – 618 AD. It was created mainly to utilise leftover elements of vegetables, meat or seafood from other dishes, resulting in …

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Assam (Tamarind) Fish

This Assam (Tamarind) Fish is a gluten free version of a very popular dish in Malaysia, mainly due to its mouth-watering hot, spicy and sour taste. It is usually made with seafood like fish, prawns and calamari. Types of fish such as mackerel, snapper, ling or pomfret (usually available in …

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