Chicken Nasi Goreng Kampung (Village Fried Rice)

Nasi Goreng Kampung (Malay Village Fried Rice) Gluten Free

Nasi goreng in Malay or Indonesian language, simply means fried rice, it was also created to prevent wasting leftovers during the pre-refrigeration eras. It is typically served as a homemade breakfast dish, customarily made from left-over rice from the previous night’s dinner. There are infinite varieties of nasi goreng, normally …

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese chicken rice is a Hainanese cuisine originally created in Hainan region of southern China. It is an adaptation by Hainanese Chinese who migrated to Southeast Asian countries, derived from the famous Hainanese recipe named Wenchang chicken. It is extremely popular in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as in Vietnam …

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Singapore Chilli Prawns

This Singapore chilli prawns is my gluten free version of a Singaporean seafood gastronomy amazingly popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Mud crabs are most frequently used, followed by prawns, stir-fried in a special sumptuous, sweet and savoury sauce made from tomato, chilli, garlic, onion and rice wine vinegar, beaten egg …

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