Hokkien Fried Noodles

Hokkien fried noodles (Hokkien Char Mee) originated from a hawker (street) food stall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The food stall was owned by a chef named Wong Kian Lee dated all the way back to 1920s. Up until today, the stall is still run by his decedents albeit in a different location and they are still dishing up the same … Read more

Braised Chicken and Hard Boiled Eggs with Mushrooms

Braising, also called lu wei in Mandarin, is a Chinese cooking technique used to cook protein ingredients in an aromatic sauce base. Other terms used are red cooking, red braising or red stewing. The Sauce base is usually made from soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fermented bean paste, red fermented tofu, Chinese rice wine, caramelised sugar and spices like cinnamon, … Read more

Chinese Braised Chicken and Potato

Braised Chicken and potato is another simple and classic Chinese home cooking dish. I still remember really well that my mum used to cook this dish quite frequently when I was a kid. I absolutely adore this typical one pot comfort food dish, so easy to prepare and yet so tasty. Normally, whole chicken or chicken wings and potatoes are … Read more

Beef with Chinese Water Chestnuts Stew

Chinese braises, stews or casseroles, also known as red cooking, meaning braising in light and dark soy sauce, is a very popular way of cooking. Especially during the colder seasons of the year, braises, stews or casseroles is a perfect comfort food for all. Water chestnuts are often a favourite ingredient used together with either, chicken, beef or pork. My … Read more

How to make Gluten Free Kecap Manis (Dark/Thick Soy Sauce)

Soy sauce was originally invented in China during the 2nd century from “jiang”, meaning sauce. The use of soy sauce spread throughout Asian, main Southeast and East Asian. In time, light soy sauce called “jiangYou” has substituted the older style “jiang”, it is primarily made from fermented soy beans and wheat, with added salt and caramel. The gluten free version … Read more

Chinese Soy Sauce Chicken

Soy Sauce Chicken is a Hong Kong style Cantonese cuisine that belongs to one of the many “lou mei” dishes made by braising in soy sauce with seasoning and spices called “lou” sauce or master stock. The most common types of “lou mei” are pork, duck, chicken and beef, often served at Cantonese restaurants or food stalls, displaying all the … Read more

Seafood Char Kuey Teow

Char kuey teow or fried kway teow meaning stir-fried ricecake strips, is an extremely popular hawker or street food in Malaysia. It originated in South East Asia and is also very popular in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The word “char” is adapted from Hokkien, a Chinese dialect which means “fried” and “kuey teow” is translated as “flat rice noodles”, the … Read more

Braised Pork and Fermented Mustard Green

This is another variation of soy sauce braises (also called red-braises), it is not only one of the most customary Chinese cuisines, but also the most celebrated. My gluten free version is a gradual stew of pork spare ribs and leg pieces with soy sauce, dark/thick soy sauce (kecap manis), pale or medium dry sherry, dry small red chillies and … Read more

Braised Pork and Hard Boiled Eggs

Soy sauce braises or stews is a very popular way of cooking in Chinese cuisines in most regions of eastern, south eastern and northern China. There are many variations of braised meat dishes, some have combinations of different types of meat like pork, chicken or duck, vegetables and hard-boiled eggs. It is also a very popular dish in many parts … Read more

Pork and Choy Sum Stir-Fry Rice Noodles

Fried noodles are customary dishes all over southeast and east Asia. There are a wide range of variations using different cooking methods and ingredients. Fried noodles are also what I would call a one-wok wonder, it is easy, fast and scrumptious, normally prepared with a balance of meat and vegetables mixed with noodles. For my gluten free fried noodles, I … Read more