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Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

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Turmeric cauliflower rice is a simple twist to the Cauliflower rice with aromatic fragrance from the turmeric powder and cumin powder. My inspiration for this recipe is from the Malaysian fragrant Turmeric rice or yellow rice (You may like to try my Turmeric Basmati Rice recipe). It is extremely delicious when served with dishes like Malaysian chicken curry, beef rendang and fried dishes like Chinese lemon chicken, Chinese five spice fried prawns, salt and pepper prawns and even fried fish or fried chicken like Fried Five Spice Chicken with Special Chilli Sauce. You can also replace coconut rice with turmeric basmati rice for Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan Bilis. This cauliflower rice recipe is not only gluten free but it is also vegan, paleo, keto, Whole 30, dairy free, soy free, egg free, nut free and corn free.

Versatility of cauliflower as food

Cauliflower-based products has increased tremendously over the last decade. These products include cauliflower flour for pizza crust and pre-packed cauliflower rice. Cauliflower is popular as it has bland taste, not only highly versatile but nutritious too. Cauliflower can be made into cauliflower steaks, thick plant blocks, roasted and served like a beef steak. Next is the Buffalo cauliflower, coated with breadcrumbs and fried like chicken wings. Then comes the cauliflower pizza crust and cauliflower pasta that looks exactly like gluten pasta and mashed cauliflower as a alternative for mashed potato. In addition, cauliflower is also incorporated into other recipes like muffins, gnocchi, casseroles, stews, as well as brownies. Cauliflower just like tofu will absorb the flavours of other dishes with lots of sauces and full flavours like braises, stews, casseroles, curries, stir-fries as well as chilli-based sauces and dishes. In addition, cauliflower rice is used as a replacement for rice in fried rice, stir-fries, Asian rice bowls, taco bowls and stuffed peppers. It can also be added raw to salads and sushi instead of rice. Nowadays, you can even get cauliflower as chips, puffs, crackers or pretzels in the snack aisles of health food stores and supermarkets.

For history, types, health benefits and nutritional values of cauliflower, check out my post for How to Make Cauliflower Rice recipe.

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