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Gluten Free Asian Noodles

Gluten-Free Asian Noodles

“Guide for the assorted variety of Gluten-Free Asian Noodles available at supermarkets, Asian grocery and health food stores. Both online and brick & mortal stores.” In fact, if you are a noodle devotee, and on a gluten-free diet due to health reasons or by choice…

Air Fryer Chinese Roast Chicken

Home cooks certainly make this Air Fryer Chinese Roast Chicken as a distinctive Cantonese-style barbecued meats …

Chinese Deep Fried Batter Prawn

Chinese Deep Fried Batter Prawn is surely one of the most popular Chinese home cooking prawn …

Chinese Steamed Whole Fish with Ginger Shallot

Chinese steamed whole fish with ginger shallot is undeniably the most classic and celebrated Cantonese seafood …

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Daphne Goh Gluten Free Asian Recipes Healthy gf Asian

Welcome to my blog

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Hello everyone, I am Daphne Goh from Sydney, Australia. Besides, I am the founder, owner, blogger, photographer, videographer, recipe creator and curator of Healthy gf Asian.

Join me for a journey of healthy gluten free and allergy friendly Asian cooking. Furthermore, many of my Asian recipes are not only gluten free. But also paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, whole 30 and low carb. As well as dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free, corn free, refined sugar free and allergy friendly. 

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Gluten Free Kecap Manis (Dark/Thick Soy Sauce)

How to Make Gluten Free Kecap Manis

In Indonesia, kecap manis is in fact a dark and thick soy sauce or sweet soy sauce. Mainly in China and Southeast Asia. Also, they make it from light soy sauce and dark brown sugar or molasses. Sometimes they add …

Tapioca Cake Gluten Free

Tapioca Cake

Tapioca cake or cassava cake is indeed one of the many beloved Nonya desserts in Malaysia. Amongst the many nonya desserts. Besides, they also call tapioca cake, Kuih Bingka Ubi in Malaysia. It is not hard to understand …

Lychee Sorbet

Lychee Sorbet

For this fruity frozen sorbet, I am using fresh lychee as my main ingredient. Then sweetened with agave syrup. Besides, you can use either fresh or canned lychee. And I included only 2 ingredients, so easy to make …

Chicken and Bitter Melon Stir Fry Gluten Free

Chicken and Bitter Melon Stir-Fry

A popular dish in Chinese cuisine that uses bitter melon as a staple ingredient. Besides, many people highly price bitter melon for its bitterness in Chinese culinary uses and its medicinal properties. Some popular …

Chinese Egg Tarts (Hong Kong Style) Gluten Free

Chinese Egg Tarts (Hong Kong Style)

Chinese Egg tarts or egg custard tarts (dan tat in Cantonese) are a type of pastry. Commonly found in Hong Kong and many south east Asian countries. Likewise, it has an external pastry crust with wobbly egg custard filling …

Chinese Pork and Black Bean Soup Gluten Free

Chinese Pork and Black Bean Soup

Chinese Pork and Black bean soup is one of the many much loved Chinese home cooking soups. While soup is popular in many different types of cuisines. Likewise, they often regard black bean soup as a healthy and tasty tonic …

Indonesian Gado Gado Salad

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