Chinese Black Sesame Cake

This Black Sesame Cake is a popular Hong Kong (Cantonese) Style cake that is traditionally made with water chestnut flour and black sesame paste or puree and typically steamed not baked. Another common and well-liked dessert in Hong … Read More

Gua Bao with 5 Spice Pulled Beef (Steamed Sandwich Buns)

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Gua Bao (literally means “cut bun”), also called sandwich bun or foldover bun, is a typical Taiwanese street food that originated from Fujian in Southeastern China. It is also commonly called Taiwanese hamburger or “tiger bites pig” in … Read More

Baked Osmanthus and Oolong Tea Doughnuts

There are endless types of doughnuts in all types of international cuisines worldwide. For Chinese doughnuts, the most popular types of doughnuts are: sweet egg-shaped doughnuts in Cantonese cuisine that are deep-fried and then rolled in granulated sugar … Read More

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