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Chinese Soy Sauce Chicken

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Soy Sauce Chicken is a Hong Kong style Cantonese cuisine that belongs to one of the many “lou mei” dishes made by braising in soy sauce with seasoning and spices called “lou” sauce or master stock. The most common types of “lou mei” are pork, duck, chicken and beef, often served at Cantonese restaurants or food stalls, displaying all the “lou mei” meat in a glass panel. Other types of “lou mei” include white cut chicken, orange cuttlefish and poached duck in master stock. “Lou mei” are often sold together with “siu mei”, Cantonese barbecue roasted meat like char siu, roasted pork and roasted duck. All these Cantonese style cooked meats, comprising of “siu mei” and “lou mei” and preserved meats like beef brisket, chicken giblets, duck gizzard, pig’s tongue and beef entrails, are all classified as “siu laap”.


Chinese Soy Sauce Chicken


Gluten Free Chinese Soy Sauce Chicken


Amongst all these “siu laap” dishes, soy sauce chicken is the easiest to replicate and cook at home with minimum fuss. This braised soy sauce chicken is an example of red cooking, a slow braising Chinese cooking technique used, also called red stewing. Chicken cooked with this method is very tasty and juicy and falls off the bones easily. For my gluten free recipe, I marinated the chicken with ginger and spring onion paste and cooked in a gluten free soy sauce braising sauce made up of extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, gluten free dark soy sauce, medium dry sherry, honey, salt and spices like star anise, cinnamon sticks and cloves. Served with blanched bok choy and steamed basmati rice.


GF Chinese Soy Sauce Chicken



GlutenFree Chinese Soy Sauce Chicken


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  1. Paola
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness, I NEED to make this! Sounds lovely, and I am sure my husband will love it!

    • daphnegoh
      | Reply

      Enjoy your meal! Bon Appetit to you and your husband :)

  2. Jeanne Horak-Druiff
    | Reply

    Oh wow – that looks and sounds wonderful! I must get me husband to grow some more bok choy in our allotment this year :)

    • daphnegoh
      | Reply

      I love bok choy and how fantastic to grow your own organic bok choy. I will look into doing that myself :)

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