Matcha Buns with Cheese

Japanese pan or bread has a distinctive and complex chronicle, emerging eventually to develop into a crucial component of the Japanese diet. Japan’s flourishing “bread ethos” came with it many different varieties of exclusive, delightful, sweet or savoury breads in Japan. The well-loved Matcha Buns with red bean paste fillings is a popular and modern variation of Japanese bread or … Read more

Mango Mochi

Mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake made with glutinous rice (also called sticky rice or sweet rice), most commonly moulded into shapes and usually rectangles or circles and eaten during special occasions and particularly festive season like the Japanese New Year. There are many types of mochi flavours and sweet fillings: green tea, matcha, mango, red bean paste, ground … Read more

Vegan Matcha Buns with Raspberry Jam

Matcha is a type of delicately powdered Japanese green tea (Camellia sinensis). The green tea leaves of matcha plant are grown in shades three weeks prior to picking resulting in brighter coloured and nutrient rich green tea leaves. These leaves are steamed, stemmed and de-vined, then stone ground very slowly with stone grinding wheels to create a very fine bright … Read more

Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls (Mochi)

Glutinous rice balls or tang yuan (meaning round balls in soup) is a Chinese dessert prepared with glutinous rice flour and water mixture. They can be small or large in size and filled or unfilled, savoury or sweet and are served in a clear soup broth or sweet gingery syrup. Sweet tang yuan can also be served in a sugary … Read more