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Malaysian Curry Laksa (King Prawns and Chicken Laksa)

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Curry Laksa or often referred to as just laksa, is a celebrated spicy coconut enriched curry soup from the Peranakan cuisine, a fusion of Chinese and Malay cuisines. Curry laksa typically comprises rice noodles, rice vermicelli or rice sticks, served with chicken, prawn, fish balls and tofu puffs in a spicy soup enhanced with spicy curry coconut milk. For my gluten free curry laksa, I am using gluten free rice sticks served with king prawns, chicken and tofu puffs and garnished with fresh bean sprouts.


Malaysian Curry Laksa


Laksa is a delicacy with a combination of spicy, sweet, sour and salty ingredients.  Most commonly dished up in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and southern Thailand as a popular hawker or street food. It is no doubt one of my favourite childhood hawker or street foods. In Malaysia and Singapore, I remember having laksa either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is always available all day in most hawker centres and now in most chain restaurants.  This delicious curry laksa dish is also widely available in Australia in food courts and Asian restaurants.

Like all popular dishes, there are numerous variations to curry laksa. Some varieties of curry laksa include but are not limited to chicken laksa, king prawns laksa, beef laksa, mixed seafood laksa and vegetarian laksa. While other versions garnish the curry laksa with hard boiled eggs and cooked snake beans. Lately, contemporary varieties include lobster laksa and stuffed tofu laksa, also called “yong tau foo”, a Chinese dish whereby stuffed tofu puffs and mixed vegetables like okra (ladies fingers), fresh long red and green chillies, bitter melon, eggplants, tomatoes and hard tofus are stuffed with fish paste.

This curry laksa is not only impeccable for a cold, rainy and winter day to warm you up but also ideal when you are craving for some hot and spicy flavours to bring up your appetite in summer.


Gluten Free Malaysian Curry Laksa



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