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Teochew Steamed Whole Fish

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Teochew cuisine, similarly recognised as Chaozhou cuisine, was created in the Chaoshan district of eastern Guangdong province in China. Teochew cuisine features heavily on healthy steaming, stir-frying and braised dishes. This Teochew styled steamed whole fish is one of the most distinguished Teochew cuisines, an alternative style of steaming fish as opposed to the regular simple Cantonese style.

A very popular dish in Southeast Asia and China, the fish most commonly used is pomfret, I am using red snapper instead for my gluten free version of this Teochew steamed whole fish. Other fish that can be used are bream, sea bass, threadfin, coral trout, cod or even barramundi. Sometimes, fish fillets like ling, cod and snapper are also used. The main ingredients that make this dish unique are the used of fermented mustard green, also called pickled/salted mustard green or ham choy, tomato, pork, tofu and salted plum. I have substituted salted plum with gluten free plum sauce as I have been to quite a few Asian groceries stores and found out that salted plum is not readily available in most stores in Sydney. Also plum sauce gives the dish a sweet and sour taste. This recipe is not only naturally gluten free, it is also dairy free, nut free and egg free.

Gluten Free Teochew Steamed Whole Fish

The flavours of Teochew steamed fish are sweet, savoury, sour and spicy, and all these ingredients together make the dish delicious and mouth-watering. Similarly, it appears very impressive to serve your dinner guests, be it families or friends, in your own home especially during the festive seasons.

Teochew steamed whole fish is extremely easy to prepare and once the ingredients are prepared and ready in a steaming plate, all you need to do is to cook it by steaming for a short period of time when your guests have arrived at your dinner party.

Red snapper offers a source of lean protein that is abundant in selenium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids. When buying a whole fish from the fishmonger, chose fish that has bright and clear eyes, this means that the fish is fresh and recently caught. Also it makes preparing the fish a lot easier to get your fishmonger to clean, gut and descale the whole fish. My favourite place to buy fresh seafood is at the Sydney fish market. I find the seafood there really fresh and much cheaper than the local fishmongers.

Teochew Steamed Whole Fish

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