Baked Pumpkin Buns with Cinnamon Pumpkin Filling

Chinese buns (baozi or mantou) typically are small bread or bread roll that can be either sweet or savoury and most common methods of cooking these buns are steamed, baked or even deep fried. The resulting bread dough … Read More

Red Bean Paste Buns (Dou Sha Bao)

Red bean paste or adzuki beans paste is a dark red sweet bean paste used in many Chinese desserts and pastries. This paste is also widely used in Japanese and Korean cuisines. Red bean paste buns (dou sha … Read More

Chinese Steamed Barbecue Pork Buns (Char Siu Bao)

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Char siu bao (in Cantonese) or char shao bao (in Mandarin) is a typical Cantonese bun stuffed with diced barbecue pork. There are two versions of char siu bao, namely steamed and baked (also called chan bao in … Read More

Chinese Steamed Custard Buns

Bao or baozi is a type of steamed filled bun or bread-like bun (often made with yeast) in Chinese cuisines. There are countless number of variations to the fillings and methods of preparing these buns. These buns are … Read More