Spicy Salmon Cakes

Spicy Salmon Cakes Gluten Free

For my gluten free spicy salmon cakes recipe, I am using salmon fish to make the fish paste. Combined with frozen peas, carrots and corns mix. Then I seasoned the fish paste with gluten free curry powder, ground paprika and served with a cucumber dipping sauce. This gluten free spicy …

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Thai Salmon Fish Cakes

Fish cakes were invented in the 19th century in England to utilise leftover fish and mashed potato, subsequently coated with bread crumbs or batter then fried. In Europe, fish cakes are customarily made with cod, while in South East Asia, salmon, prawns, crab meat and white fish fillets are often used …

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Thai Green Curry Chicken

Green curry is frequently deemed to be the greatest well-liked traditional curry in Thailand. It is distinguished from the curries of other countries by its green colour and sweetness. Usually, spiciness differs depending on the cook’s palate and tends to be more aromatic than the gentler red curries. I am a …

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