Coconut Prawns

Coconut Prawns Gluten Free

Coconut prawns is a fried prawn Thai dish. Likewise, they coat these prawns with desiccated or shredded coconut as known by the recipe name. Before they deep fry or pan fry or even bake them in the oven. Just visualize munching on juicy and succulent fried prawns coated with a …

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Spicy Salmon Cakes

Spicy Salmon Cakes Gluten Free

For my gluten free spicy salmon cakes recipe, I am using salmon fish to make the fish paste. Combined with frozen peas, carrots and corns mix. Then I seasoned the fish paste with gluten free curry powder, ground paprika and served with a cucumber dipping sauce. This gluten free spicy …

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Thai Salmon Fish Cakes

Thai Salmon Fish Cakes Gluten Free

For my gluten free Thai salmon fish cakes recipe. I am using Salmon to give a very distinctive taste to the fish cakes. Plus snake beans, spring onions and I marinated the fish cakes with a spice paste. Then I pan fried these Thai salmon fish cakes to perfection. I …

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Pad Thai

Pad Thai gluten Free

The most famous classic Thai-style stir-fried rice noodles dish is no doubt the Pad Thai noodles. Served mainly as a street food in Thailand. CNN Go recorded it at number 5 as one of the World’s 50 most delicious foods in 2011. This dish is more popular in the Western …

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Thai Green Curry Chicken

Thai Green Curry Chicken Gluten Free

I am a curry lover and I love all kinds of curry. Likewise, Thai green curry chicken is definitely my favourite Thai curry. Besides, they consider green curry as the greatest well-liked traditional curry in Thailand. It differs from the curries of other countries by its green colour and sweetness. Usually, …

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Thai Green Curry Paste

Thai Green Curry Paste Gluten Free

This gluten free Thai green curry paste recipe is a made from scratch paste. Traditionally, they make the paste by pounding in a mortar with a pestle. By including a mixture of fresh green chillies, herbs and spices. Likewise, they include herbs and spices like fresh green chillies (long and …

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